Partnership Expera Soft

Partnership Expera Soft

Choose only good ideas to earn

You earn a commission – 40% of the payments of your customers in the first year of payment, 20% in the second year. You can also work as a dealer: when you connect a new partner you can get a commission of 10% in the first year and 5% in the second from clients connected to your Partner.

What should you do to be our partner?

To become a partner you should register yourself as a partner on our web site. Then you get a unique affiliate link, which you need to place on your site.

How is Partnership working?

After transition of the visitor of your site according to the unique partner reference given to you, it is fixed in the partner system as your potential client. If the visitor pays for the service, you will get automatically a partnership award for this. You can get your fee by any ways which are specified in the Partner program. You will also receive a commission from every next payment per month.

The main advantages of our Partnership

Why should you work with us?

You are promoting high quality and efficient software products, with unique characteristics. You can get a worthy remuneration. You have additional income without any extra effort on your part. All of our software can be tested for free, eliminating the obsession of your advice to potential customers and a good motivation for a personal assessment.

Access to personal account for Partners is available here on this page.