Questions and answers

How to get started with CallTimeX?

To get started with the service CallBox you need to register on the site, then enter your personal cabinet in your company. On the “Websites” you need to create a site account, if necessary, edit the widget settings, insert instructions from html-code to every page of your site before the closing. The personal account, you can connect to an unlimited number of CallBox your sites, creating separate accounts. On the “Managers” you create an account manager and get a username and password to log into the mobile application manager CallBox. Next, you need to download the mobile application CallBox on the “Download” and install it on your mobile phone manager (running Android 4.0+). Now, you are 100% ready to increase your sales!

What happens when the manager is not available at the time of sending the request for callback?

You can set up several numbers of managers to send messages about the call request. If you have a manager who was not available for connection at a certain time, he will get information about missed calls in the mobile program CallBox and can call to potential client later

How can you set up the dialogue widget window for CallTimeX?

Opening of a dialogue window happens in two cases when your website’s visitor presses an icon of a widget or on the expiration of the set time (at approach of a timeout) during session of the visitor. The personal account you specify your own time-out dialog box appears, that is based on the analysis of the behavior of your target audience, you personally define a visitor will see a dialog box widget CallTimeX.

Is it possible to configure the message text of the dialog box?

You have the ability to change the text, which is the default. That is based on an analysis of age, gender and interests of your target audience, you can customize the following text dialog boxes:

– When you click on the icon of the widget;

– When management is absent;

– Upon the occurrence of a timeout;

– After sending the request;

– Upon receiving a request;

– After sending the request when management is absent;

– With a request to wait, so far the manager is busy

– The text of the call button.

Whether is there a request statistics of the visitors?

You can view your “Statistics” (all information about the number of requests for a return call, the number of missed calls and the number of requests that manager had received) in the personal account

Can I check the effectivity of the CallTimeX widget?

You can connect to the service CallTimeX and ensure its effectiveness: the first 20 telephone numbers of your potential customers you get for free.

How much it costs to connect to the service?

$19. 99 per month or $189. 99 per year.

What should I do when my manager will not have time to respond to requests?

If the volume of requests for call back increases so that the manager will not have time to call back to customers, you can connect the required number of managers to handle the requests and, therefore, to hire additional staff. You have to create new «managers»

Will be CallTimeX technically working on my website?

IF it is possible for your website to set up Google Analytics, it will be easy to set up our widget