Denys, 29 years

Recently installed on my website this tool – CallTimeX. Number of calls significantly increased. Most people are looking for rims in the evening, after working hours. So we were able to establish contact with these people. Before, we just lost this customer. Besides the possibility of instant advice is very attractive for customers. The using of the program is simple and easy, there is a report on incoming and missed calls.

Nazar, 31 years

I am using this program on my tablet. With the advent of CallTimeX number of processed calls and requests has significantly increased. The convenience of this program is that it can be connected to multiple sites (in this case, two online shop and yoga festival website). Moreover, pricing CallTimeX much more accessible.

Nataliya, 28 years

The widget is on the site for a month – I think we can do some conclusions. I choose CallTimeX exactly because it offers maximum freedom of configuration. With interest I experimented with text for customers in a few days. Played enough, and at the same time asked to see friends and to say what do they think. They say that it is not annoying. But the main thing – that was really more calls. Thanks to the developers, all is lucidly and inexpensive!